We take the burden of responsibility off your hands

Quickly and efficiently, we perform

- the transport of live animals
- organisation of charter cargo transport
- organisation of cargo and collective modes of transport
- organisation of hazardous substances packaging and transport
- customs clearance
- keeping Intrastat documentation
- Logistics - transport and storage

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Although TRANS AVIO TIM has been on the market
for little over 5 years, our employees have over
25 years of experience in organising, customs
clearance and merchandise shipment in all modes
of transport.

Our employee is at your disposal 24/7 for any
question you may have


Global coverage achieved through cooperation with
our partners allow us to provide services customized
to your potentials and needs, ensuring you are always
offered the best option.

Live animal transport: from a cat to a crocodile

This is Fleki. He is afraid of the plane noise, but he adores planes and swift, comfortable transport, just like his owners. But what happens when your Fleki travels by a plane for the first time? 
Organising transport for your pet is often more stressful for you than the pet. What is the pet’s trip like? Is it 100 percent safe? What legal requirements must I abide to? Even though it all looks immensely complicated and frightening at first glance, Fleki is completely safe in the hands of Trans Avio Tim, who will make his and your trip as simple and as comfortable as possible. Trans Avio Tim has been in the animal transport business for over 20 years; we possess the necessary international certificates for transport and have, over time, transported a number of exotic, as well as domestic, animals. We execute transport of pets on weekly basis.

What do I need to prepare? >

It is essential to choose a suitable container

Fleki must have his own spacious transport container while travelling by plane. The container is purchased in the Pet Shop and must be of suitable size, made of firm plastic and have a metal door. Container size varies with the size of the animal. Proper size is easily determined, and when shopping, make sure you bring Fleki along, so he can test the container. The proper size is determined as follows. When the dog is standing up, there must be at least 8 centimetres of overhead space between its head and the container top. When it is lying, its nuzzle must not touch the metal door and the base of its tail must not touch the container rear end. The width of the container must be at least double to the width of the dog’s shoulders, allowing it to easily turn, sit and lie down.

Strictly controlled cargo

Your cargo is in good hands.
Organisation of Cargo Charter airplane transport of Dangerous Goods / Dangerous goods shipment / requires specific expert knowledge related to sorting, packaging and procedures in accordance with international regulations on the treatment of dangerous goods /IATA DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS/ in aerial and other modes of transport.
TRANS AVIO TIM employees who handle the transport of hazardous goods own valid international certificates for handling dangerous goods, and the company is certified by the Republic of Croatia to handle such specialized service in the transport of merchandise.

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Organisation of cargo and collective modes of transport

Trans Avio Tim organises transport of goods in international and domestic traffic, but not necessarily exclusively via aircrafts. Apart from aerial transport, we offer the services of organising road and maritime transport.
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What do I need once I obtain the customs papers?

Upon joining the European Union, the process of import of various goods into Croatia has been significantly simplified. Whether you want to buy a car in Germany or purchase pricey clothes in France, you no longer need to worry about the customs amount that will hit your wallet. Furthermore, the principle of import of goods outside the European Union has been standardized in order to equalize the domestic standard to the one in the Union. The process is completed within a day.

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Presently, each time you collect a shipment at the post office, you must provide your EORI number, but also have your own customs representative who will handle the entire customs process on your behalf. Although the process may sound complicated, after several completed prerequisites, you leave the entire process in our hands and we deliver the package to your doorstep!

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